2018 Empretec Women in Business Awards 2018

Thursday 25th October 2018

18:00 – 19:30, Assembly Hall, Palais des Nations, Geneva

At this celebration of remarkable women entrepreneurs, the Women In Business Award 2018 is also empowering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to start their journey of positive social impact.

Marques Rosana Marques, Brazil

Ouseuse integrates a sustainable business model with concrete actions on social responsibility. The secret is the ability to reinvent myself every day!”

Rosana is the Founder of Ouseuse which creates lingerie and women’s underwear, men’s underwear and beach and fitness wear.

Website: https://www.ouseuse.com.br

Fernandez Rocio Castro Fernandez, Ecuador

“We support mothers all over Ecuador and want them to overcome insecurities about breastfeeding and body shape”

Rocio Castro Fernandez is the founder of Momoa, a clothing company offering solutions to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding time.


Njie Ndeye Fatou Njie, The Gambia

Ndeye is the founder of TiGA which makes locally handmade swimwear using African fabric.

Website: www.tigaswimwear.com



Vadhana Chandra Vadhana, India

“I wish to empower 1 million lives through our employability and entrepreneurship initiatives by 2030”

4Tune Factory designs and implements innovative concepts in the areas of skill development, training, assessments and human resources consulting, including Prayaana Labs for girls and women.

Website : www.4tunefactory.in and www.prayaana.org

AbuDahab Lama Sha’sha’a Abu Dahab, Jordan

“I discovered that my passion is opening channels to children and motivate them. I am focused on using technology to create students with growth mindsets”

International Robotics Academy specializes in Robotics & STEM Education for students ages 6 – 16, as part of curriculum, after school extra-curricular activities or in workshops.

Website: www.ira.edu.jo

Issufo Uneiza Ali Issufo, Mozambique

“I promote the participation of women in construction projects, without underestimating the power of men”

Uneiza Ali Issufo is the founder of ConsMoz Limited, a construction company which builds houses, roadways, bridges, electrical installations, hydraulic systems and digital communication structures.

Website: www.market.co.mz/consmoz-lda

Buyondo Barbara OfwonoBuyondo, Uganda

‘’A centre of excellence in nurturing people for a victorious life. Our mission is to provide quality education that develops a wholesome person.’’

VES is a school with 3 campus locations, 4400+ students and 400+ staff focused on delivering holistic education to children and the broader community.

Website: www.victoriouseducation.co.ug

DeLeon Ana De León, Uruguay

“Our goal is to improve women life conditions and future possibilities by giving a second chance to the discards and scraps we use as raw materials to make fashionable accessories”

RUTA 10 is an up-cycling design company created in 2015 by Ana De Leon, that makes bags and accessories out of scrap and discard materials. The company currently uses discarded inner tubes as main material.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ruta10upcycling/

Mogollon Rina J. Arráez Mogollón, Venezuela

“I am engaged in promoting products that recognize the cultural heritage and local handicrafts also ensuring the efficient use of local products that are bio-degradable“

ALCES 1012 is a design company making bags, baskets and shoes from local, natural materials such as jute.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/alces1012

Mitaba Leah Diana Mitaba, Zambia

“I am proud to be counted among women who took the step to start a business, have inspired others along the way and are currently running and growing a registered business that brings in an income for myself and the community”

Leah is co-founder of Chibote Farmers’ Co-operative Society and of Butterfly Initiatives Limited, two Zambian Agri-business ventures set up to meet the country’s vegetable and fruit needs.

Website: www.butterfly@worldpress.com

More about the E-WBA

In 2008, UNCTAD created the Empretec Women in Business Award to celebrate exceptional businesswomen who have benefitted from the Empretec training programme and become role models for their outstanding achievements in running micro and small businesses. Over ten years, more than 500 nominations have been submitted by Empretec centres from 30 countries. A panel of experts selects the 10 finalists based on the innovation, leadership and impact on their communities that they demonstrate. The award, granted every two years, has made a real impact on the lives of past recipients. It has improved their access to education and resources and boosted their motivation to continue growing their enterprises. Previous winners of the Empretec Women in Business award include:

2016 Awards: Tran Thi Viet, Viet Tranf Handicraft, Viet Nam

2014 Awards: Lina Khalifeh, Founder of SheFighter, Jordan

2012 Awards: Melissa De León, Founder of Tropical Panama Gourmet, Panama

2010 Awards: Beatrice Ayuru, Founder of Lira Integrated School, Uganda

2008 Awards: Sana Zaal Burgan, Founder of Med Grant Est, Jordan